"Dedicated to the men and women who gave their lives during  

World War Two, Korean War, Vietnam War and Other Conflicts"




Douglas A-26 Invader 

'Spirit of North Carolina'

This rare and attractive war bird type is seldom seen at air shows in the eastern United States.  

This dynamic and historic aircraft can be a positive addition to any air show.                                                   

The aircraft is painted in distinctive red and black to authentically represent the 13th Bomb Squadron, “The Devils Own Grim Reapers” during the Korean War.  


The A-26 Invader served with distinction during World War II, Korea, and Viet Nam, the only bomber type to serve in all 3 wars

The 'Spirit of North Carolina' is a true combat veteran, serving over four years in French Indochina, which is now known as Viet Nam.   

Our uniformed crew supports education through visual displays and interaction with visitors. The 'Spirit of North Carolina' and crew provide a positive and memorable experience for air show guests.   

Everyone enjoys the throaty roar of her twin 2000 horse power R-2800 Pratt and Whitney radial engines as well as the sleek look of her polished propellers and patriotic nose art.  

The 'Spirit of North Carolina' is a powerful attraction!

            The Spirit offers: 

·  Spectacular Fly-By's 

· Static Displays, including visual displays and a uniformed interactive crew 

· Sponsor, Media and VIP 'Experience Flights' 

· Sensations only a true war bird can provide!

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